“Keynotes” are my brief comments about life and recovery and are intended to provide insight, inspiration, wisdom or humor to your day. Today’s keynote simply asks you to remember how “Key” your Higher Power is to your day. I imagine that God would love to empower you, as best as you’re able, to be kind […]

Happy Father’s Day to you gentlemen! As I contemplate the meaning of the day and some of the experiences that have come with being “Papa” or “Daddie,” here are a few things that come to mind: Father’s Day means I’ve prayed for your safe arrival, learned how to feed, burp, change and “over-protect” you. It […]

It’s June and many brides and bridegrooms will be walking down the aisle of a church repeating vows and entering into marriage to start a new life together. Having been married for 25 years, I can only imagine the adventures and challenges, the rewards and heartaches but hopefully, the immense joy that the couples will […]